Invisalign: The Perfect Alternative to Conventional Dental Braces

The Invisalign treatment is made up of a series or sequence of removable, nearly invisible dental aligners. They would be changed after every two weeks when you insert a new set. Each aligner is individually produced and designed specifically for your teeth, and cannot be used on somebody else. Your teeth will move gradually as each aligner is replaced, to finally give you a straight set of teeth.


If you want to get a smile that truly transforms how you look, then this is the best answer for you. According to the Australian Orthodontic Journal, this orthodontic technology is an excellent way of dramatically transforming your smile in a manner that doesn’t interfere with your daily routine.  Although there exist many other options, no other mode of dental treatment is comparable to this novel technology.


Here are just some of the benefits:

Improved Oral Health

Unlike conventional braces, one of the key advantages of this technique is that it doesn’t use metal brackets, wires or bands. Those features normally trap food and contribute to the build-up of plaque. Such braces also allow you to maintain fine oral and dental hygiene, by virtue of their removable nature; hence, reducing gum disease and tooth decay.

Healthy Smile

Virtually everyone would agree that a smile made of even, straight and white teeth is simply awesome. In addition, such aspects of an even, straight and white dental formula signify health. Medical experts also confirm that straight teeth are a great asset that contributes to a winning smile, giving you great self confidence and esteem.


Healthier Gums

Clinical and orthodontic studies have confirmed that properly aligned teeth contribute to better oral health, because your gums would fit more tightly around your teeth. Since the greatest advantage of the invisible and removable braces is the ability to effectively straighten crooked teeth, your general gum health will also improve. Additionally, because you would be able to floss and brush when on treatment, you would also prevent gum diseases and tooth decay more easily.

Better Speech and Chewing

Incorrectly positioned jaws and teeth have the potential of leading to speech challenges, speech difficulties and discomfort when chewing. Fortunately, the modern invisible braces work on both of these dental problems by giving you better-aligned teeth and jaws.

Misaligned teeth and jaws can contribute to abnormal levels of stress in your mouth and head. This raises the possibility of painful trauma to your jaw joints and the supporting bone. The two issues may also cause abnormal wearing of teeth, which would trigger continued future problems. These are issues which are ably addressed by the removable and invisible braces.

Options for Teenagersbellevue-invisalign-teen

This orthodontic treatment offers a number of options for teenagers. Some teens may qualify for the same treatment given to grownups, while younger ones – or those whose teeth haven’t fully erupted – can benefit from specific treatment designed for them.

An expert orthodontist will be best placed to establish the kind of treatment that is best suited to your particular dental requirements, depending on the state of your teeth. To confirm the credentials of your service provider, simply check with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)